KIDS IN THE HALL was about fitting a square peg into a round hole. KIDS was a fast paced, independently produced, sketch comedy show being created in association with CBC, a large public broadcasting corporation with an established way of working. The fit was less than ideal. Paul Ames took over design of the show in Season 2 and set about making a few changes. One of those changes was to bring in an Art Director, a position which was not normal to the CBC Design Department. Together Paul and I set about changing how the show was designed. We changed everything from the size of the drafting paper to the scheduling of the night shift of painters. Everything was done to provide a smoother flow of information and work. It took only one season to bring overages under control, and to bring two rather combative systems together to produce a very smoothly running project. Art Direction is balance. Ideas and pictures. People and processes. Time and money. When that balance is right you can do anything, even fit that square peg into a round hole.

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